The Perfect Daily Mens Skincare Routine

Your skin's health is a testament to the rituals you uphold. The path to glowing, resilient skin is charted by a consistent and diligent regimen. Whether your try our products or not, understanding this universal skincare routine will set you on a trajectory towards unparalleled skin health.

At the core of the perfect skin-care routine lies 5 essential steps:

Thats it.

Simple at its core, powerful when done consistently. You would then add day-specific steps such as applying sunscreen (which should be done every single day) or using a face mask to cleanse your pores more thoroughly.

Let's walk through each step in detail.

1 - Rinsing

The goal here is simple, use warm water to open your pores and get your skin ready for a thorough cleansing routine.

2 - Cleansing

Is rinsing not enough to clean your face? No. Not at all. Dirt and other impurties build up and cause acne when not addressed properly. Use a proper facial cleanser to remove everything you can't see that would ruin your complexion. The best practice is to use two different cleansers, one after the other, of different types to make sure all impurities are removed.

3 - Exfoliating

There are things too big and troublesome to remove that cleansers simply can't hack it, like dead skin. This is where exfoliating comes in. Micro-beads or other solutions literally pick up and lift dead skin or other deeply entrenched impurities off of your face to reveal the smooth, healthy, and glowing skin underneath. You want to make sure there isn't any dirt to infiltrate your skin after this relatively rough process though, and that's why it comes after cleansing.

4 - Using Serums

Others call this step optional - but the title of the article says "Perfect Skin Care Routine," and nothing is optional in perfect. Using serums, like those that contain Vitamin C and Retinol, is quite literally what makes your skin go from good to glass-like. Enhanced skin elasticity, removal of wrinkles, and that model-esque shine. Everything else is table stakes - but start doing this, and start receiving a lot of compliments. It's that simple.

5 - Moisturizing

No amount of skin-care is going to matter unless your skin is properly hydrated and moisturized. The look of hydration matters, but the more hydrated your skin is, the better it absorbs serums and handles every other step on this list. Pick a go-to facial moisturizer and get ready to use it daily.

And Thats it. Again.

These are the core steps, but it isn't all that matters. For example, sunscreen (always use 50+ spf) is important to apply, every morning of every day, to avoid sun damage and lock in the results you're working to achieve. Consistent application of the right face mask can amplify results and make them appear sooner.

We don't yet offer a product for every step here - when we release a product, it's because it follows the strictest standards and offers the best results. Why would you want anything else from your future skincare partner?

Let's work together, so that we will perfect your routine - please find the Bold Reserve skincare routine below:

Our Morning Routine

Our Morning Routine

Apply Your Facial Cleanser

to a dampened face after rinsing thoroughly

Apply Your Vitamin C Serum

after rinsing off the cleanser and patting your face dry

Allow to Settle

for 15 minutes

Apply Your Moisturizing Cream

evenly and generously, no amount of skin-care can make up for skin that looks dry

And Then Close Out the Day

Apply Your Facial Moisturizer

after your shower or after rinsing

Apply Your Vitamin C Serum

in the same manner as before - you can never use too much of this

Allow to Settle

for 15 minutes...

Use Your Charcoal Face Mask

to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, as well as enhance firmness - you'll notice an immediate difference after using this in particular

Apply Your Facial Moisturizing Cream

again, generously, and get ready to rest easy knowing you absolutely nailed your routine today

Compliments Earned Separately.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns - we all started somewhere.